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Our latest post is by Karla McLaren, Campaign Manager: Women’s Rights in Afghanistan for Amnesty International UK who are campaigning for women in Afghanistan.

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FREE MEDIA TRAINING IN GLASGOW - available to women in science, engineering and technology

Career Development Course in Media Awareness For women in Science, Engineering or Technology whose role requires media profile Thursday 23rd May, 2013 NUJ Scottish Office, 114 Union Street, Glasgow G1 3QQ 9:45am - 4:00pm Refreshments and buffet lunch provided. 

Does your role require media engagement? Do you have a story to tell about your work in industry or research?

The Scottish Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology is committed to increasing the profile of women in these areas and providing positive role models. Journalists and journalism are changing, but your approach to them should not. Many organisations and individuals find it difficult to approach the news media, some are even frightened, worried that the Press will distort or twist their words, spinning the story out of all proportions.

If that sounds familiar, then this course is for you.

Award winning journalist, television scriptwriter and PR chief, James Doherty, will dispel the myths and help you to navigate successfully through the media minefield. This course uses relevant examples and fun, practical exercises; you'll learn how you can proactively engage with the media. The course will cover:

How the media world has changed
Using the media to your best advantage & maximising your visibility
Stereotypes in the media, how to avoid them and how to use them to best advantage  

What is news? 
How to spot a good story in your organisation
Understanding how to target your story - which media - press, TV, online, radio?

Managing media  
How to make the most of the media interviewing techniques
Getting your message across & effective interview skills

Don't panic!
An introduction to crisis media management 

Who is the Course for?
Criteria for attendance: Women working in Science, Engineering and Technology roles whose current, or future, role requires engagement with the media. 

Places on this course are strictly limited. To apply for the Media Awareness Course see our web-site : www.napier.ac.uk/src/events

About us: The Scottish Resource Centre (SRC) for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology works to create sustainable change for the participation of women in science, engineering, technology and built environment sectors in Scotland. We do this by changing employment practices and workplace cultures to support gender equality, and supporting the recruitment, retention, and success of women where they are significantly under-represented. The SRC is able to provide its workshops FREE of charge due to funding from the Scottish Government. To subscribe to the SRC mailing list, please click here or join us on If you have any questions please contact us at src@napier.ac.uk or call 0131 455 5108

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